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Jun. 29th, 2008

Sorry I've been offline for a couple days--but I didn't know what to say. I'm getting really, really scared now. No, I haven't been fired--yet--I had a day off, actually, so I went to the website in the ad and told them about the dreams. I figured they could help, you know? Like if they knew what was going on, they could explain it to me.

They got back to me quick. I guess they've got someone standing by. Thing is, they didn't explain it, so much--they just said it sounded like what they were looking for, and they asked if they could arrange a meeting. Now, I'm not stupid. Meeting someone from the internet you don't even know? Bad idea all around. But things have been so weird lately, I thought--well, maybe I was getting kind of desperate.

So we set up a meeting. Not anywhere near my house, or my job, because even desperation doesn't drive away all common sense, but in this cafe. A safe place, right? Public. Public's good.

They were there before I was. They didn't look too weird. Well, not that weird. A young guy, kind of stylish-looking, but in a trying-too-hard way, like one of those dot-com yuppies trying to pretend they're not too smart for their own good, with one of those dazzling and completely fake smiles, and a woman, maybe older, in these sort of old-fashioned clothes. The guy already had a Starbucks cup with him, even though the cafe didn't sell Starbucks. You know, one of those kinds of guys. I don't think the woman liked him very much; she looked a lot more, I don't know, dignified, and she talked a whole lot less than he did. Mostly she just watched me.

So they asked me about my dreams again, and I told them, and the woman nodded and listened while the guy tapped things into a BlackBerry, and then he asked me if I knew anyone else who had these dreams, so I told him I didn't, because, well, I don't. (I don't think so, anyway.) And he looked kinda disappointed. Then he leaned in a little too close and said, way too earnestly, that they worked for someone who could help, someone who knew all about this and was trying to find as many of us as possible. He didn't say what their name was, but I think it was a woman. Now at this point I was getting even more paranoid than usual, because none of this felt right, the way the woman was staring at me and the way the guy seemed to think all of this was cool. So I told them I'd think about it, and made an excuse, and got the hell out of there.

Few hours later, the guy emailed me. I didn't reply, because, seriously, it'd only been a few hours, did he think I'd made up my mind that quick? But I got another one a few hours after that, and a few hours after that, and it was starting to feel like one of those freaky Japanese tech-horror flicks, so I shut down the computer and got out of the house to go to work, and I swear to god, they were there. Just sitting at one of my tables, easy as you please. The guy even waved at me. I faked a sudden case of something-or-other, clocked out early, and called the police, because what else could I do? Well, of course they weren't at the restaurant when the police came there, and the officers were very understanding and concerned and told me to call them if I had any more problems, but you could tell they thought I was just being paranoid.
So that was yesterday. You don't think I'm being paranoid, do you? I'm scared to check my email again--I don't know what I'll find. I know I'm sure as hell glad I never gave them my phone number. But if they found out where I work...

I'm calling in sick for as long as I can. I don't care if I get fired--right now, it feels like that's the least of my problems.


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